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Opened in the September of 2004, San Gabriel Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates is here to provide the best in patient care and the ultimate in patient satisfaction. 

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We are a proud supporter of the Georgetown Youth Baseball Association.

2007-2012 Members of the Georgetown Chamber of Congress

See Focus On Our Town’s article on San Gabriel Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates!

Excerpt from
Extracting the Pain From Dental Surgery By Rachel Ingram

No matter what sort of work is being done, the doctors always keep patients informed and do everything in their power to make each encounter surprisingly pleasant. “We always think of them first,” Dr. Nakashima says. “We’re up front with everything we do so the patient knows exactly what’s going on.” So even if a patient walks in apprehensive about their surgery, the doctors alleviate as much of the pain as possible so he or she can walk out as content as Ashley. “We’re here for our patients and want them to have the best experience they can have,” Dr. Briggs says. “Nobody is ever happy to see us, but we don’t take it personally.”

Read the whole article here!

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